Remanufactured 4000-gallon tanker

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Remanufactured 4000-gallon tanker

This fully remanufactured 4000-gallon tanker from The Revive Group is exclusively available to rent through Renmak Ltd.

Mounted on to a high-spec Renault 8×2*6 chassis with an automatic gearbox. The unit comes with improved stainless steel storage cabinets, slops trays and an upgraded operating system with an 8-function remote control.

The oil-cooled, Denver Wittig RFW 200 vacuum pump helps the unit run for longer periods and comes fully equipped with a suction hose, fitted to the size and length you require, with TV or Bauer couplings.

The hydraulically operated Inter Pump 63 series jetting pump can produce 16 litres per min at 170bar and is fed by a 600-litre stainless steel tank.

As with all Revive units, this tanker has helped to save up to 20 tonnes in harmful CO2 emissions, thanks to the innovative remanufacturing processes and the reduced need for virgin steel. Meaning that the savings are far more than just financial.

If you are interested in this unit or any others please contact Martin McEntee on 07821 614960 or email


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